A day trip to New Brunswick, Canada

  Well it was our last weekend in Nova Scotia. All our belongings were shipped even the car. Earlier we planned to drive from Halifax to Toronto but then we have a cute little Cat so avoided the long journey. Then suddenly early morning i see my husband calling up people and getting quotes. I [...]


Indian Ethnic Style for Family wedding – coupleStyling

So you have wedding to attend and that's family event? Ohh great chance to wear all those glamorous Indian outfits. So it was my sister in law's wedding in Kolkata , India. My first wedding in this family so had to dress up to my best. I like to style us together (my husband and [...]

French Capital of Canada : Montreal – Ottawa – Kingston in 2 days

https://www.tripoto.com/trip/french-capital-of-canada-montreal-ottawa-kingston-in-2-days-5c5b48f2bf736    Day 1 : Kingston We had planned to visit Montreal for a very long time but as they say Winter in Canada is dangerous that's why the plan was always postponed. But that christmas weekend till New year was special as my friend was visiting me. Since it was first time for both [...]

From Ordinary wardrobe , How to manage on the other side of the Wall : WinterLand – Canada

I am an Indian and I stay in weather condition totally opposite to what I have lived all my life. From the scroching heat to the frozen land. Its like living in 2 opposite worlds. Yes it is difficult to adjust but with time you get used to it. The main thing is to understand [...]

My #BeachLife Style in Goa : Ordinary Wardrobe Fashion

I call my style very comfortable and casual. I believe in comfort dressing and as it was the beach location this trip my style was all about summer clothes. It is what every girl would own, just add something more to make it look unique and stylish. Shrugs work for me. Ordinary Wardrobe Fashion : [...]